A story of forests and lakes

In the northernmost part of lake Östra Silen in Sweden you’ll find Sillebotten, a small harbour village  with a big history. The lake sits between vast stretches of pine forest, trees that give the area its distinct beauty but also a source of income for the people who have lived here. In the 19th century a railway was built to take timber through Sillebotten, where it could be transported further by water. In the 20th century many men and women boarded steamboats in this harbour, some going as far as America. Today there are no steamboats or lumber trains, but in Sillebotten you’ll still find a vibrant community nestled within breathtaking wilderness, a place to enjoy swimming, fishing, hiking, camping, foraging and exploring.

Facts about Sillebotten - Sweden

  • Sillebotten is a small place at the north end of lake Östra Silen and is located three kilometers from Europaväg 18, or E18.
  • Sillebotten is within Årjängs commune and Silleruds assembly.
  • About ten kilometers from Sillebotten is another small place called Svensbyn. Here you can find a small grocery store and a gas station. In Svensbyn you can also find a café and more.
  • Closest town from Sillebotten is Årjäng and is about sixteen kilometers away. In Årjäng you can find larger grocery stores, gas stations, shops and more.
  • About 125 kilometers from Oslo.

Enjoy Silen using our great harbours

Sillebotten is a small place in the north end of lake Östra Silen. One of the larger and most magnificent lakes of the Dalslands system of canals. It contains lots of beautiful nature and exciting islands to explore. One can channel trough locks to Västra Östra Silen from Västra Silen, or you can launch your boat from our ramp. Västra Silen offers many ramps and guest harbors for you to use. Our guest harbor and boat dock is runned by Sillebottens Byalag (village community) and can be used for a small amount of money. There is even a possibility to hire one small boat dock in the private boat harbour for a short period.

Östra Silen is a clear freshwater lake. The settlement around it is limited to a few places and gives it a true feeling of wilderness. At the middle section of Östra Silen, where it is widest, is Trollön. Here you can find one of many camp areas. This is also where the lake is at its deepst. Here you can also find a great number of bass and pike. There are also a rich number of wild trout here.

Travelers are welcome to dock at our great guest harbour for a maximum of two nights. When launching your boat from our boat ramp, feel free to leave us 50,- SEK in the box located at the harbour. There are signs at the harbour giving you these instructions.

We offer parking for your car, when you return to pick up your car feel free to leave us SEK 20,- per day that you have been parking, or SEK 100,- for a week.

Usage of the private dock is restricted to long-time rental. The town community have one spot for short time rental.

Community cafe

Ice cream and soda for sunny summer days.

Bring your family and friends to our community cafe located at the very beach of Sillebotten. Relax under the parasol and enjoy the great panorama view of the beautiful beach.

At the cafe you can buy ice creme, soda, coffe and more.

There is also a small public outdoor toilet house not far from the cafe for everyone to use.

Swim, play and relax at the beach

At the very end of the lake Östra Silen Sillebotten can offer a beautiful sand beach for the public. Here you can swim, play and relax. It is not too crowded and is in great condition each summer. If you are in the neighbor hood, make sure you give it a visit!

Please note that camping is not allowed at the beach area.

Nearby activities

Apart from relaxing and enjoying the quiet sound of the wildlife surrounding you in Sillebotten you might want to see if there are any activity event coming up, or you might just want to find some activities to do in the area. Here are a few things we recommend.

Events near Sillebotten

A journey in dreams 11.04.17 – 13.04.17

An art exhibition by Veronica Ruus.
Arranged by Årjängs Folkbibliotek
Box 903
672 29 ÅRJÄNG
+46 573-142 85
Website with map


Konstrundan – Art walk 14.04.17 – 16.04.17

Art exhibition on Kyrkeruds Folkhögskola.
Here you can experience selected work from different artists from a three miles radius.
672 91 Årjäng
Kommun: Årjäng
Website with map


Årjängs market: 15.09.17 – 17.09.17

Once every year you get the chance to experience the Årjängs market. Full of fun experiences, products and friendly people.
Click here to see the program.


Fishing in Silen

Östra Silen offers great possibilities for anyone interested in fishing, all year long.
In addition to the common Swedish grouper, pike and whitefish, the lake has a increased number of salmon and trout.

We have seen several great reports of catches from Silen, for example salmon on 11 kg, rödning on 5,6 kg, trout on 9 kg, pikes on 14 kg and grouper on 2 kg.

Please note: The purchase of this fishing card is required for fishing in Silen.

Play golf - 18 holes 5 minutes away

We welcome you to one of west Sweden’s best and most beautiful golf corses, according to our guests. During the Swedish Championship it was called ‘A hidden pearl’.
The course is a hilly 18-hole park- and forrest course drawn by Peter Nordvall. Known for his large marcelled greens and a ability to shape nature to a beautiful and alternately golf course. A course so close to the wild nature with a stunning environment close to the lake Svensbysjön.

The golf course is strategically located next to E18 in the middle of the larger cities Karlstad and Oslo.

Place your bet at the horse races

Everyone loves to see horses, especially the kids. Take your family and friends to the horse race arena in Årjäng, located only 15 minutes away from Sillebotten by car. Here you can place your bets and have a lovely time together. This is a very casual day time event, so no dress code.

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Explore your neighborhood

While visiting Sillebotten there might be days when you and your family or friends feel like just driving somewhere and explore what is around you in beautiful Värmland. We can recommend to explore the following places.

And while you are exploring, don’t forget to hashtag your photos with #Sillebotten

Visit Von Echstedska gården - A rococo dream in Säffle over 250 years old

2016, open: May 29th – August 28th. Tue – sun, 11-18 / Address: Västra Smedbyn, 661 94 Säffle

The manor is perhaps the most remarkable older Värmland manor still in existence. The exterior of the estate i strictly Caroline, built in 1762-64, while the interior is mostly rococo. The privy contains burlesque ceiling paintings unique for Sweden. Apple-orchard. Herb garden. Gallery and café. von Echstedtska estate has now closed for the season. We take only pre-booked groups if at least 10 people A 70 SEK / person. Orders made only by mail or by spoken message at tel. +46 (0)54- 7011978 and we will contact you as soon as we can. Welcome!

Visit Hembygdsgården in Årjäng - Representing the 17th and 18th century

At the very top of Kyrkåsen lays Hembydsgården with at great view to the lake Västra Silen. Hembygdsgården is a landmark in Årjängs commune. It’s location is known to be the most beautiful location in the entire West Värmland.

The buildings and its museum represents history from the seventeen and eighteen hundreds. The large building was bought by August Andersson and was in 1934 relocated from Gördsbyn in Holmedal to its current position.

Visit Hembygdsgården in Säfle - a traditional museum of memories

The building was made in Snarkil in 1812. The building was in 1947 moved to Svensbyn. The second floor was built in 1858.

Naturbyn - Bring your family and friends on a different experience

You stay in hand built log cabins located on the shore of lake Eldan in Långserud. During the day you can take a canoe trip on the lake where there are lots of small islands and bathing places that offers you privacy and you can be all alone with your company. In the evening you take a bath in the wooden heated sauna and a jump in the lake. Then you have a good nights sleep in the soft light from the paraffin lamps and the crackling from the iron stove.

In the morning you take a refreshing bath overlooking the sun rising over the lake Eldan.

Full list of places to explore in the area

Go to the visit Årjäng website to see the list.

Vacation in Sweden, Värmland

When ever you and your family or friends would like to visit Sillebotten, we welcome you to hire one of our available houses listed below. The houses are all private owned houses listed at the rental service, and are avaliable for hire at certain times and periods. Please click on the green button below the houses to be redirected to Airbnb to check availability and to make your booking.

Solåsen - Amazing 4 Bedroom Villa

Solåsen was built in 2014 and has 125 qm of living space. There are 4 separate bedrooms with a total of 8 beds (thereof 2 bedrooms with doublebeds and 2 bedrooms with individual beds). There are two bathrooms. The big one is equipped with a toilet, shower, whirlpool and sauna. The smaller one has a toilet and shower…

Norderhuset - Villa at the beach

LARGE VILLA IN VÄRMLAND. A place to collect energy and happiness.
Idyllic Sillebotten offers you cozy Norderhuset with delicious dining kitchen, bathroom, three reception rooms, 6 (7) bedrooms and plenty of space both inside and out. This is a good place for families with children, couples or friends families.

Lovely garden and beach plot with access to the public beach

Silltal - Älgöna with a nice view to Silen

Our cottage is for rent; Uniquely situated with a stunning view over the lake Östra Silen and its surroundings.
Absolutely wonderful in a unique landscape where you will find a comfort, pleasant and successful holiday in Sweden. Our new and fully furnished house is situated on the highest point of a ridge, thus offering from the house and the large terrace a fantastic view over the lake with its characteristic islands and picturesque scenery .

Nybo - Nice Countryside Little House

Litet hus på landet med veranda och annex med gästrum.
Ligger ca 700 m från sjön Östra Silen och det ingår båt för 4 – 5 personer i hyran

For sale (0)

A quiet and beautiful place in Sillerud. Here you can relax in the surroundings of forrest and wilderness. The house is now for sale, please visit the link below to see more details and prices.

Visit Sillebotten