Enjoy Silen using our great harbours

Sillebotten is a small place in the north end of lake Östra Silen. One of the larger and most magnificent lakes of the Dalslands system of canals. It contains lots of beautiful nature and exciting islands to explore. One can channel trough locks to Västra Östra Silen from Västra Silen, or you can launch your boat from our ramp. Västra Silen offers many ramps and guest harbors for you to use. Our guest harbor and boat dock is runned by Sillebottens Byalag (village community) and can be used for a small amount of money. There is even a possibility to hire one small boat dock in the private boat harbour for a short period.

Östra Silen is a clear freshwater lake. The settlement around it is limited to a few places and gives it a true feeling of wilderness. At the middle section of Östra Silen, where it is widest, is Trollön. Here you can find one of many camp areas. This is also where the lake is at its deepst. Here you can also find a great number of bass and pike. There are also a rich number of wild trout here.

Travelers are welcome to dock at our great guest harbour for a maximum of two nights. When launching your boat from our boat ramp, feel free to leave us 50,- SEK in the box located at the harbour. There are signs at the harbour giving you these instructions.

We offer parking for your car, when you return to pick up your car feel free to leave us SEK 20,- per day that you have been parking, or SEK 100,- for a week.

Usage of the private dock is restricted to long-time rental. The town community have one spot for short time rental.