Visit Von Echstedska gården - A rococo dream in Säffle over 250 years old

2016, open: May 29th – August 28th. Tue – sun, 11-18 / Address: Västra Smedbyn, 661 94 Säffle

The manor is perhaps the most remarkable older Värmland manor still in existence. The exterior of the estate i strictly Caroline, built in 1762-64, while the interior is mostly rococo. The privy contains burlesque ceiling paintings unique for Sweden. Apple-orchard. Herb garden. Gallery and café. von Echstedtska estate has now closed for the season. We take only pre-booked groups if at least 10 people A 70 SEK / person. Orders made only by mail or by vone@varmlandsmuseum.se spoken message at tel. +46 (0)54- 7011978 and we will contact you as soon as we can. Welcome!